Triple Mask
MX-108    £14

Mayan Zodiac Plaque
MX-107   £16

Flint Millipede
MX-135    £14

Mayan Bowl
MX-129   £12

Mayan Calendar
MX-117    £20

Temple Plaque
MX-137    £12

Mayan Textile
MX-178    £20

Chocolate Whisk
MX-119   £9

Cocoa Beans
NT-238   £4

Jaguar Headdress Mask
MX-114    £28

2 x Mayan Plaques
MX-141    £12

Worry People
SA-106    £5

3 x Cocoa Pods
NT-480    £6

Stone Metate
MX-205    £40

Mayan Plaque
MX-131    £10

Mayan Basket
MX-160   £9 

Life & Death Mask
MX-130   £14

Mayan Copal Incense
MX-138    £4

God of Maize
MX-110    £8

Cocoa Pod
NT-313    £5

MX-143    £16

Juego de Pelota Plaque
MX-162    £28

Xipe Totec

MX-102    £18

Pakal Head
MX-144    £16

Temple Mask
MX-150    £10

Large God of Fire
MX-188    £55

Large Triple Mask
MX-115    £28

Maize Mask
MX-153    £12

Large God of Maize
MX-190    £55

Mayan Clay Pipe
MX-139    £18

Large Pakal Head
MX-195    £55

Very Large Xipe Totec
MX-200    £110

Decorated Bowl
MX-140    £20

Woven Colourful Basket
MX-151   £3

Woven Colourful Basket
MX-173   £5

Codice Stamp
MX-128   £12.50

5 x Turquoise Stones
MX-165   £5

Mayan Approval Box

Mayan Value Box Collection
VB-133  £110

Mayan Starbox
SB-114    £188

You can order individual items shown on this page or request our free approval box shown below.

AB-336       Mayan  Approval  Box

The easiest way to purchase Starbeck's great Mayan artefacts is via our unique nationwide approval box service. The system is simple. You tell us roughly what your budget is and we will send you, free of charge, a wide selection of Mayan objects for you to choose from. You can keep the box for up to eight working days. You are under no obligation to take anything - we will invoice you only for any items that you have kept.
There is no delivery/collection charge and no minimum order. We arrange for delivery and collection. You can take from each box as many or as few artefacts as you wish. 

The Starbeck Approval Box system is unique and outstanding. Don't take our word for it - read here some of your colleagues' comments.
PLEASE NOTE. The vast majority of our Mayan / Aztec products are fairly traded & are hand made by indigenous people from Mexico. Because of this & the nature of our business, our stock is constantly changing; product sizes, finishes & colours will always vary. Our products are sold as works of art & are for display purposes only.

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