Large Parthenon Plaque - Grey
GR-113    £32

Bull Plaque
GR-130    £12

Mini Trojan Helmet 
GR-106    £30

Eros Plaque 
GR-117    £12

Medusa Pendant 
GR-112    £3

Owl Pendant
GR-102    £3

2 x Coins
GR-105   £4

Apollo Plaque
GR-121    £16

Medium Amphora
AS-254   £12

Large Amphora
AS-259   £16

Corinthian Helmet 
GR-103    £28

Boy's Leather Shoes
GR-114   £28

Large Parthenon Plaque - Cream
GR-107    £32

Clay Oil Lamp
GR-104     £7

Medium Capital 
GR-141    £22

Chariot Plaque
GR-134   £12

Centaur Oil Lamp
GR-110   £10

2 x Rings
GR-101    £4

2 x Theatre Masks
GR-108   £16

Trojan Plaque
GR-150   £16

FG-300   Greece Flag   £8  

150cm x 90cm

Oil Lamp
RM-150   £10

Set of Armour
GR-148   £110

Greek Farmer Plaque 
GR-131    £16

Trojan Helmet 
GR-109    £130

 Minerva Plaque
GR-124   £16

Bronze Lantern 
GR-116    £10

Yellow Ancient Greece Display
GR-133    £20

Red Ancient Greece Display Drape
GR-115    £20

 Large Capital
GR-137   £26

 Ancient Greece Value Box
VB-111   £110

Ancient Greece Starbox
SB-205    £190

You can order individual items shown on this page or request our free approval box shown below.

AB-359        Ancient  Greece  Approval  Box

The easiest way to purchase Starbeck's great Ancient Greek artefacts is via our unique nationwide approval box service. The system is simple. You tell us roughly what your budget is and we will send you, free of charge, a wide selection of Greek objects for you to choose from. You can keep the box for up to eight working days. You are under no obligation to take anything - we will invoice you only for any items that you have kept.
There is no delivery/collection charge and no minimum order. We arrange for delivery and collection. You can take from each box as many or as few artefacts as you wish. 

The Starbeck Approval Box system is unique and outstanding. Don't take our word for it - read here some of your colleagues' comments.
PLEASE NOTE. Product sizes, finishes & colours will always vary. Our products are sold as works of art & are for display purposes only.
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