We do appreciate all the comments below from teachers who have used the Starbeck Approval Box Service.

As you can see, it's unique and it works!

Boxes available are shown here.

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Comments about our wonderful sales van can be seen here.



Beds "We have been around the world & down to the bottom of the sea opening the treasure trove of boxes from Starbeck, so many fascinating artefacts to inspire our students."
Samuel Whitbread Academy, Shefford
Oct 2020 / 413
"This is a fantastic service that we have now used on a number of occasions."
Amanda Williamson, Stopsley High School, Luton
Dec 2004 / 067

"An excellent range of artefacts & material objects - very stimulating to spend time perusing the approval boxes. We appreciated the opportunity & will definitely use the service again."
Jean Williams, Northfield Technology College, Dunstable   
Nov 2003 / 007

"Wonderful! I am so impressed with Starbeck Educational Resources. My approval boxes arrived quickly at school, & were filled with fantastic, affordable artefacts. I will definitely be using Starbeck again, to build up the resources for my art & design dept."
Elizabeth Connell, Alameda Middle School, Bedford   
Nov 2003 / 009
Berks "Utterly amazing!"
Hannah Beare, Crosfield School Reading   
Oct 2018379
"Fantastic selection, I wanted it all!!"
Ellen Dennett, Kingsclere Primary school, Newbury   
Oct 2008 / 198 
"Thank you so much for the wonderful resources that Starbeck have provided us with. The art rooms will be filled with inspiration now! Fantastic, quick & efficient service & the pupils will definitely love having a new range of resources to help them with their upcoming projects."
Georgina Adby, Baylis Court School, Slough   
Mar 2011247
"The Starbeck company allows you to buy items you wouldn't normally find in classrooms. Their resources are interesting & original."
Emma Coffin, The Clere School, Newbury   
Mar 2005 / 079
"We set up various tableaux as part of a 'Culture' project for our AS Level students. The objects and artefacts provided by Starbeck are crucial for pupil appreciation of a wide range of art and crafts from different continents around the world. The Introduction of the International Baccalaureate for pupils post 16 in 2008 means that Starbeck, with it's emphasis on celebrating internationalism and fair trade, is an absolute asset for Art departments."
Laurence Hedges, Director of Art, Wellington College
Sep 2007 / 167
"As a resource centre, we were delighted to find such a flexible service as your approval boxes. The pieces were reasonably priced & it made the task of setting up artefact boxes for schools to borrow all the easier."
Mrs Ruth Norris, Windsor   
Nov 2004 / 065
Bristol "A great service, I wish we could afford to buy more!"
Adrian Wilson, St Bernard's Catholic Primary School, Bristol  
Apr 2004 / 034
"What a wonderful resource. I wish we could have bought everything you sent. It was difficult to select!"
Rachel Phillips, Briarfield Centre, Bristol  
Jan 2005 /  073

"I was very impressed by the approval box service & shall use you again. Very efficient."
Andrea Hazlehurst, The Castle School, Bristol 
Nov 2003 /

"The box genuinely inspired interest & curiosity from our reception class right through to year 6."
Adrian Willson, St Bernard's Catholic Primary School, Shirehampton   
Nov 2003 / 012
Bucks "Thank you so much for this wonderful resource! The children were fascinated to see things that they had been learning about. We were very impressed with the high level of service throughout & will definitely make use of your resoucres again."
Emily Thomas, Priory Rise Primary School, Milton Keynes  
May 2019 / 392

"An excellent range of products. Wish we could afford more! A super stimuli."
Lucy Fricker, Royal Latin School, Buckingham  
Apr  2004 / 039 


Cambs "A fantastic & efficient service with brilliant resources. We were so impressed with the wonderful selection of high quality items that really brought the children's learning to life. We will definitely be using Starbeck again. Thank you."
Alice Morris, King's College School, Cambridge
Nov 2020 / 416

 "A super resource. We used these in an Art lesson when sketching sea creatures and shells for our bucket & spades topic. We also used this in an RE lesson when talking about the natural world & creation (the uniqueness of creation). Examples of how other teachers have used the resources would be great, even activity sheets to use alongside would be great."
Carley Steward, The Peterborough School 
May 2017 / 362

"I found the contents in the boxes wide-ranging & good value for money. I particularly like the textiles featured especially in the India box."
Glynis Geeson, Ely St John's School, Ely 
Jan 2004 / 026
"Excellent resources at prices a small group can afford."
Hilary Allen, New Road Playgroup, Over
June 2006 /
Cheshire "Great approval box system, it allows us to look in awe and wonder at the resources before we get similar reactions from the children!"
Emma Norman, Cinnamon Brow Primary School, Warrington
Oct 2020 / 409
"Fantastic idea - all staff agreed it was useful to see resources before buying. Some artefacts gave us new ideas for planning. We will be using this company again! Thank you!"
Stephanie Christie, St Michael's Catholic Primary School, Widnes
Nov 2016    380
"The replica artefacts we ordered from Starbeck are fantastic. Great quality, service & price. I wish I could have had more! Brilliant service, arrived when due, contents fantastic. Thank you."
Larae Campbell, Delamere Primary School, Kelsall
Sep  2016    330
"We love Starbeck. Everything about the company - their service, the quality of the artefacts, the friendly voice on the phone - everything is fab. The resources enhance any department extending the students' learning as they work with observational resources."
Michelle Longmore-Spillett, Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port   
Nov  2015 / 319
"Fabulous resources - just wish I had unlimited funds!"
Julie Crossley, Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port Jun 2011 / 253 
"Very efficient service!"
Clare Anderson, Blessed Thomas Holford College, Altrincham  
Sep 2004 /
"The resources that we received from Starbeck were absolutely superb & these allowed us to give our GCSE students a really flying start to their exams. The quality of the masks & seashells was superb & the variety was astonishing. I am sure we will get a great deal of pleasure & use out of the resources for many years to come."
Debra Inman, King's School, Macclesfield   
Feb 2010 / 226
"Fantastic, inspiring resources. A wonderful service which was easy to use & also very professional & efficient! We will definitely be using Starbeck again & we have spread the word."
Mrs Tracy Bowden, St Wilfred's Primary School, Warrington   
Mar 2007 / 151
"Very efficient & easy to use service. Really good to be able to see, touch & hear artefacts before purchasing - especially important when working with pupils with special needs."
Susan Miles, Russett School, Northwich 
Dec 2003 / 011 
"Christmas came early to Manley School! We all enjoyed opening the boxes & the selection of artefacts was inspirational."
Lyn McNamara, Manley School, Cheshire   
Dec 2003 013
County Durham

"We are thoroughly impressed with the fast & efficient delivery service. It was just like Christmas opening our box of resources. The choice & selection of resources sent for approval was fantastic & has saved hours of work browsing through catalogues & processing orders. A life saver - thank you!"
Mrs G Wild, Egglescliffe Primary School, Egglescliffe  
May 2006
"We have been very impressed by the service in terms of range & variety of resources & ease of use. It is so much better to see what is on offer, than choose from catalogues."
Judith Stirk, Peases West Primary School, Crook
Jun 2005 / 094
"An excellent service, especially for schools away from the large towns. We had a thoroughly brilliant time looking through the box - like children at Christmas! "
Liz Gill, Wearhead Primary School, Co Durham 
May 2004 /  042

"A really lovely experience receiving a box of treasures. We have enjoyed looking through & selecting"
Art Dept, Richard Lander School, Truro
Jan  2017    336
Cumbria "This has given the pupils the opportunity to handle artefacts and use their senses to advaance their learning experiences. It has been a fatastic way to deliver learning across the curriculum using artefacts in food tech, literacy, DT etc. A great way to inspire imagination."
Francis Zielinski, Sandgate School, Kendal
Mar 2016 / 327
"A wealth of resources at competitive prices. A hidden gem. More people need to know about Starbeck."
Francis Zielinski, Sandgate School, Kendal
Oct  2016     331
"Wow! A wonderful selection of items. Thabk you for such a fast delivery."
Miss J Dollett, Beckstone Primary School, Harrington   
Jan 2016 322
"Such a fantastic box, a great mix of Indian items - have recommended to everyone on the course; will definitely be back."
Louise Robinson, Cumbria Primary Teacher Training, Workington   
Jan 2012 /
"No suggestions for improvement, but just wanted to say a big 'thanks' for sending such a gorgeous selection of resources to choose from!"
Claire, CDEC, Ambleside   
Jul  2014 / 308
"Starbeck is an excellent service. I was able to view a variety of fantastic resources, which were suitable for my topic. I am very pleased with the quality of the resources I have chosen and will be in touch again. Thank you!"
Keeley Foster, Vickerstown Primary School, Barrow
Jun 2016
"Excellent service & good quality resources at excellent prices. Great Value!"
Lisa Hill, Grasslot Infant School, Maryport
Oct 2006 / 129
Derbyshire "Excellent service & always friendly & professional to deal with. Fantastic resources & prizes that are unsual & enthuse students. The go to company for the more unsusual & exotic teaching resources."
Anna Green, Netherthorpe School, Staveley 
May  2017 / 363
"The items I have taken are great, it's what our school needs. Will be in contact with you for further goods, thanks. Keep doing what you are doing."
Zareena Mahmood, Holbrook School for Autism   
Feb  2015 / 314
"Extremely efficient service with amazing artefacts at super prices."
Liz Greenwood, Rosliston Primary School, Swadlincote   
Jul  2015 / 317
"Wish I could have spent more!"
Jill Harnden, Albert Village Primary School, Swadlincote   
Jun 2009 / 211
"A fantastic service - prompt & personal."
Jackie Littlechild, Brimington Junior School, Chesterfield   
Dec 2011 / 264
"Great resources! Would've taken me hours to get what I wanted individually. A great time saver that it's all in once place! And good value too."
Katie Dennis, Brimington Manor Infant School, Chesterfield   
Dec 2011 / 262
"Wow, what a beautiful collection of drapes & materials. I have had several different approval boxes & have never been disappointed. It's always like opening a box of treasures!"
Emma Goodall, Children First Nursery, Chesterfield   
Sep 2011 / 256

"A fabulous & unique service. Unbeatable in terms of quality & diversity. We will be using you again!"
Louise Hilland, Derby Museum & Art Gallery 
May 2007 / 157

Devon "Absolutely fantastic service & artefacts. Peter, you are a delight to speak to on the phone; it can make a teacher's day a lot more enjoyable. Would recommend for a stress free service! "
Hannah Willard, Watcombe Primary School, Torquay
"Excellent communication & service."
Jenny Maddison, Landscore Primary School, Crediton   
Nov 2020 / 417
"Great service with great products. Thank you."
Sandra Elson, Queen Elizabeth School, Crediton   
Oct 2017 / 365
"Wonderful to be able to look at & choose objects!"
Julia Mansfield, Knowles Hill School, Newton Abbott 
Mar 2007 / 152
Sarah Bradley, Newton Ferrers CE School, Plymouth   
Jan 2008 / 174
"Starbeck have enabled us to bring the world into the classroom. Our theme & cultural weeks wouldn't be the same without them!"
Mandy Stokes, Kelly College, Tavistock 
Feb 2007 / 147
"The service is fantastic & we will continue to use it. We wish we'd known about you before."
Keely Reed, St James School, Exeter
March 2006 /
East Yorkshire "It took steely discipline not to purchase everything! It was a total delight."
Pat Schlechter, West End Children's Unit, Hull  
Dec 2005 /
"Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. Great quality of items too."
Helen Caplin, Snaith Primary School, Goole 
Jan  2016 /  323
Essex "Fabulous service - I discussed our requirements over the phone with Peter & arranged for the boxes to be delivered within 2 days. It took considerably longer to go through the topic boxes to decide on the items we would like to keep! Some lovely artefacts for the children to examine & discuss."
Kerry Beere, Oakwood Infant School, Clacton 
Nov 2017 / 369
"A great service & super products, will definitely use Starbeck again."
Esther Betterton, East Bergholt High School, Colchester   
Jun  2015 / 316
"Excellent service! Recommend to everyone I know!"
Kerry Jones, Cecil Jones College, Southend   
Oct 2013 / 297
"An ease free service, a great variety of choice. Will use again."
Michelle Steel, Eastwood Academy, Leigh on Sea   
Dec 2012 / 282
"Speedy service & an excellent selection of artifacts. Would definitely recommend their service!"
Kerry Marcuccilli, Beam Primary School, Dagenham   
Jun 2013 / 291
"We now have bright well-stocked RE resources which should generate 'awe & wonder'."
Janet Matthews, William Martin Junior School, Harlow   
May 2012 / 270
"Thanks for a great service, really interesting selection of objects!"
A Leman, Southend High School for Girls   
Dec 2012 / 279
"An excellent service, I would happily recommend the web site & efficient service to all colleagues. A wonderful selection of multicultural artefacts & drapes."
Ursula Murphy, St Ursula's Catholic Junior School, Romford   
Feb 2011 / 244
"So much variety giving an insight into different cultures for adults & children alike. Quality authentic goods at a very reasonable price."
Helen Kelly, Little Thurrock Primary School, Grays   
Mar 2011 / 251
"Fantastic service not only in idea but in ease of process & ordering. Will certainly be using Starbeck again."
Natalie Beaumont, Great Dunmow Primary School, Essex   
Jan 2009 / 202
"Very good service!"
Emma Bloomfield, Westcliffe on Sea   
Jun 2009 / 212
"Fantastic Service!"
Jenny Carlton, Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford   
Sep 2008 / 190
"What an easy way to sort out good teaching resources for the department!"
Helen Thomas, Southend High School for Girls   
Oct 2008 / 194
"Excellent selection of instruments sent on approval. We'd love them all if the music budget was larger! Very efficient service - great idea."
Julie Bull, Milldene Primary School, Tiptree
June 2006 /
"The service is fine. Nice things & efficient, certainly friendly & helpful."
Mike Webster, Anglo-European School, Ingatestone  
Jul 2007 / 162
"Beautifully packed! Exciting! Inspiring! An excellent service!"
Peter Watson, Manningtree High School, Colchester Nov 2005 /
"Headteacher very impressed with items - a very useful resource."
Langtons Infants School, Hornchurch Junior School
Jul 2004 /  050

"A super service. Friendly & helpful. Thanks."
David Rees, St Cedd's Primary School, Southminster 
Nov 2003 /

"This has been a very quick & efficient way of selecting resources that are matched to both our needs & budget!"
Abbi Evans, Grove Junior School, Nailsea   
Dec 2004 / 070

Glos "We have had several boxes from Starbeck & they have always engaged our children in their learning particularly as we teach in a cross-curricular way. Our latest Saxon box was the usual high standard & we loved artefacts such as the doll, drinking horn & helmet. Thank you again!"
Rachael Modaley, Oakridge Parochial School, Stroud   
May 2018  / 375
"A brilliant range of natural objects suitable for everyone to draw. Plentiful & inspiring collection of masks with lots of textures & colours, fascinating! Thank you so much."
Ursula Westwood, Bredon School, Tewkesbury   
Oct 2017 / 367
"Fantastic box! We loved the totem pole, teepee scene & headdress particularly. It supported the children in their learning (writing) making their topic "tribes" more engaging."
Rachael Modaley, Oakridge Parochial School, Stroud  
Oct 2018 / 378 
"I am always impressed by the service Starbeck offers - helpful, friendly & efficient, with a wealth of inspiring artefacts."
Pauline Chidlaw, Stonehouse   
Apr 2009 / 206
"We were delighted with the service & the contents of the boxes & will certainly be using the service again!"
Chris Bristow, Milton Manor Primary School, Tewkesbury   
Jul 2008 / 186 
"Excellent service!"
Austen O'Hanlon, Archway School, Stroud   
Feb 2008 / 178
"The India approval box was full of amazing treasures. So much inspiration for our Arts Week."
Mrs Anona Greening, Woodmancote Primary School, Cheltenham   
Feb 2008 / 179
"What a super service - a great selection that will help our topic enormously."
K A Tutty, Bluecoat School, Wootton-under-Edge  
May 2006 /
Hants "Brilliant resources. So many objects to look at & choose from. The pupils had great fun creating artwork inspired by the insects & sea creatures. Thnak you."
Nicola Heesom, Cove School, Farnborough   
Dec 2019 / 403
"Thank you to Peter for coming down & for sending the approval boxes. A great personal service & much appreciated. Look forward to your next visit."
Mike Jones, Martial Rose Library, University of Winchester   
Dec 2019 / 401
"The box was excellent & inspired my year 8 students to produce India inspired prints. Very friendly service & much more cost effective than any other resource box service I researched."
Juliette Wakeland, Churcher's College, Petersfield   
Nov 2012 / 277
"Incredibly pleased with the ease of service & the excellent range of resources. Students loved the brightly coloured posters & textiles."
Maria Brigid-Ryan, Baycroft School, Fareham   
Jun 2012 / 275
"The boxes were fantastic. A lovely visual resource for our Art students."
Nicola Powell, Cove School, Farnborough   
Oct 2015 / 321
"The ease of ordering & speed of service was excellent. The Christianity approval box arrived promptly & as our new schools federation evolves you will be our first choice for further orders."
Elsa Williams, Copythorne Infant School, Southampton   
Feb 2012 / 268
"Brilliant collection, thank you."
C J Mackin, Amery Hill School, Alton   
May 2012 / 271
"We think Starbeck are fantastic. The website is easy to navigate & the service is superb. Thank you very much. "
Imelda Simons, Shirley Infant School, Southampton   
Jun 2010 / 234
"What a tantalising box of artefacts, it was very easy to spend the £100 allowance, twice over! The products were of excellent quality & are of riveting interest to children from Reception to Year 6. They really illustrate how necessity breeds invention."
Liz Kern, St John's Cathedral Catholic Primary School, Portsmouth   
Jun 2010 / 235
"Fantastic facility!"
Jayne Stillman, HIAS, Southampton   
Oct 2010 / 239
"Absolutely brilliant. I can't thank you enough for your quick service & for the lovely choice of artefacts. The staff & children were delighted."
Imelda Simons, Shirley Infant School, Southampton   
Jul 2007 / 163
"Excellent service - thank you. Such a shame I couldn't afford it all! I shall be in touch shortly to hopefully organise a sale at our school"
Peter Beare, St Mark's Junior School, Southampton   
Feb 2008 / 180
"I am using these products with 7 teachers who are going to hold workshops with teachers across Hampshire."
Jayne Stillman, HIAS, Southampton   
Nov 2006 / 135
"Well priced items. Efficient, friendly service."
Georgina Mulhall, Solent Junior School, Portsmouth  
May 2007 / 156
"Good service. All objects intact & well presented & labelled. Pleasing selection to view."
Jackie Michel, St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Winchester   
March 2006 /
"Excellent choice, you make it so easy to resource things which are so hard to come by."
Katherine Burrows, Wildern Secondary School, Southampton  
Jun 2005 / 091
"A fast efficient service with fantastic resources."
Michelle Comporte, King Copse Primary School, Southampton  
Jun 2005 / 087
"Starbeck has been an invaluable resource for cultural based projects. I recommend them to anyone."
Davina Bell, Southampton   
Jun 2005 / 088
"Wonderful source of artefacts for children who would otherwise have no first-hand experience of the wonders of the world!"
Sarah Long, Flying Bull Primary School, Portsmouth 
Jul 2004
 /  055
"An excellent range of objects."
Liz Evans, Brookfield School, Southampton  
Dec 2004 / 068
"Extremely prompt service & great customer service. Would recommend to anyone & have done so."
RE Dept, Portsmouth Grammar School 
Dec 2003 / 017
"The boxes are very colourful & give the buyers the opportunity of choosing products from a good range of prices."
Mrs S Parker, Baycroft School, Stubbington 
Jan 2004 / 025 
Herefordshire "Thank you so much for the prompt service. Even with the school Christmas holidays, you managed to send the insects for us to use during the first week of term!!"
Donna Yandle, Bishop of Hereford Bluecoat School, Hereford   
Jan 2014 / 300
Herts "Thank you for the prompt service of sending the boxes. It was good to have the time to look through with everyone in the department."
Art Dept, Roundwood Park School, Harpenden
"I've just received the two boxes I ordered yesterday, and I'm delighted! I'd asked for natural materials that would provide a good tactile experience for blind and partially sighted people & the contents of the boxes have been hand-picked to do just that. An amazing service & superb value. I can't recommend you highly enough."
Roz Chalmers, Vocal Eyes, Watford   
Dec 2012 / 281 
"I am so pleased to have found this website. I have recommended it to all of my colleagues & will definitely use it again. The artefacts arrived in perfect condition & were exactly what I needed. Thank you so much Starbeck!"
Kirstie Middleditch, Sawbridgeworth   
Dec 2009 / 221
"Delighted with the wide variety of unusual resources you provide."
Emma Neville, Bishops Stortford College Junior School  
Apr 2004 / 040
"Fantastic quality, variety & price - love it! Love it! Love it!"
Beverley Smith, St Luke's School, Redbourn   
Jan 2009 / 201
Ireland "Beautiful products, It's so easy to contact Starbeck. I would recommend using this service to teachers. I also really commend the company for recycling the packaging as much as possible."
Mary FitzGerald, Bridgetown College, Co Wexford   
Oct 2017 / 368
Kent "Excellent as usual"
Spires Academy, Canterbury   
Sep  2020 / 410
"We have built a strong relationship with the people at Starbeck. They always go out of their way to provide resources which are of a high standard."
T Brennan, Harris Academy Falconwood, Welling
Jan 2019 / 385
"Fantastic service - thank you for posting so quickly & for sending items that we suggested. Really impressed with this unique service. Will be using again! Thank you Starbeck. "
Kathryn Turner, Folkestone School for Girls   
Jun 2018  / 376
"I have been using Starbeck for the past 5 years & your resources have improved the Art room immeasurably. Thank you so much. You have enriched the lives of the children. "
Sam Martindale, Northbourne Park School, Deal   
Sep  2014 / 310
"Thank you! This is a great service with friendly staff. Opening the box was like opening an Aladdin's cave! There are lots of interesting artefacts for our Ancient Egyptian topic. The class will enjoy having hands on experience."
Demelza Whatty, Granville School, Sevenoaks
Apr  2016 / 328
"This is a fantastic service allowing children to appreciate other cultures. The artifacts are wonderful. I'm so pleased I found out about you."
Sam Martindale, Northbourne Park School, Deal   
Sep 2011 / 257
"Starbeck's is the highlight of the year for me. The artefacts are wonderful & the pupils love to see the new displays. A wonderful resource. Thank you."
Sam Martindale, Northbourne Park School, Deal   
Oct 2012 / 294
"When we opened the box we were so excited to see such an authentic & colorful range of artefacts. Thank you for being so accommodating, we really appreciate it & we are looking forward to when we are next fortunate enough to make our next order."
Siobhan Lovelock, Wrotham School, Tonbridge   
Feb 2010 / 224

"An Excellent range of first hand stimuli! An easy & friendly service!"
Siobhan Campbell, Dartford Girl's Grammar School   
Oct 2009 / 217

"Inspiring resources, efficient & friendly service, as always!"
Moira Lucas, Tonbridge   
Sep 2009 / 216
"We absolutely love the huge range of materials, the quality of the products & all of it comes with a smile & a great professional body! If you need extra helpers to collect shells from foreign beaches - we'd help!! Peter, Stewart & everyone involved - thank you so much! Our art department has risen from the ashes of photocopies & we are now flying on all cylinders. Our pupils have been inspired by your products! Thank you just doesn't cover it!
Andrea Bovee, Marsh Academy, New Romney  
Oct 2008 / 197
"Really exciting boxes - great stimuli for a wealth of uses! Prompt delivery & easy to arrange collection. I would definitely recommend!"
Karen Lawrence, Thurnham Infant School, Maidstone   
Oct 2010 / 240
"Great service, great goods!"
Naomi Ali, Brenzett CE School, Romney Marsh   
Jun 2009 / 210
"Good quality products. Efficient & easy to use service. Would recommend & use again."
Yvonne Meredith, St Nicholas School, Canterbury 
Jul 2007 / 161
"The resources are brilliant & have really enriched our projects."
Siobhan Campbell, Dartford Grammar School   
Jul 2008 / 188
"An excellent service, very helpful & lovely products."
Catherine Wickham, Hunton Primary School, Maidstone 
Apr 2007 / 155
"An excellent efficient service with excellent resources."
Siobhan Campbell, Dartford Grammar School
Jul 2007 / 160
"Fantastic, rich resources. They played a valuable starting point in our Africa themed week."
Miss S Campbell, Dartford Grammar School  
July 2006 /
"Love your prompt service. Opening your boxes is always so exciting!"
Aly Ward, Hawkinge Primary School, Folkestone 
Mar 2007 / 154
"Starbeck provides an excellent service - allowing quick, easy & affordable access to quality resources for all k/stages & exam groups."
Mr E Joyce, Langley Park School for Girls, Beckenham
Jun 2005 / 089
"The treasures of Starbeck put a little bit of sparkle into a damp November day."
Helen Beck, Knockhall Primary School, Greenhithe
Nov 2005 /
"I have used Starbeck for 8 years & have stocked 3 different schools with a variety of artefacts from African masks to Hindu wedding outfits. The children love touching the items & Ofsted love the diversity of cultural artefacts. All areas of the curriculum can benefit from Starbeck's items."
Heather Lazzeri, Gordon Infant School, Rochester 
Nov 2003 /
"A simple efficient service, Just what a busy art & design co-ordinator needs ! Being able to inspect the actual artefacts has been a real bonus. I look forward to adding to our multicultural artefacts annually."
Mrs F Laurie, Birkbeck Primary School, Sidcup 
Dec 2003 / 015 
Lancs "Fantastic service! Amazing resources! Great value for money! The best cultural resources for Art / Textile / Technology / Music / RE departments."
Mrs J White, Tauheedul Islamic Girls' School, Blackburn   
May 2012 / 273
"Great Service. Beautiful products. Would love more Japanese."
Art Dept, Royton & Crompton School, Oldham   
Jan  2015 / 313
"Thanks again for a brilliant, quality service."
Natalie Clarke, Bluecoat School, Oldham   
Dec 2008 / 200
"A super range of resources."
Katherine Smith, St James Lanehead Primary School, Burnley   
Mar 2010 / 230
"I wish I had heard about this site years ago. What a fantastic resource. Excellent artefacts & surprisingly fast delivery. We can't wait to teach world religions this year."
Mrs Carol Gregson, St Mary's Catholic College, Blackpool   
Oct 2005 / 103
"Brilliant service! So much choice from a selection of quality resources that are normally impossible to source."
Natalie Clark, Bluecoats School, Oldham   
Sep 2008 / 191
Leics "We really liked the chance to choose bits & pieces that we felt we needed."
Helen Faganm Abbey Mead Primary School, Leicester   
Dec 2019 / 402
"This is a fantastic service for anyone who wishes to provide an excellent education foryoung people. As an art teacher, many lessons are presented on a power point slide. This service is a brilliant way to get students engaged & get them experiencing objects first hand instead of through a screen."
Mary Bridgood, Leicester   
Mar 2014 / 301
"Thank you very much for delivering the approval box in time. Service was excellent."
Bhanu Patel, Rushey Mead primary School, Leicester   
Dec 2010 / 241
"Prompt service & good quality artefacts."
Mary Bryceland, Multicultural Resource Centre, Leicester   
Dec 2003 /  020
"Superb selection, something to suit all abilities."
Debby Orange, Ash Field School, Leicester
Dec  2006 / 140
Lincs "Thank you for sending us the Aboriginal Art approval box. It was exciting to unpack & look at the colourful range of objects. They have proved to be very popular with the students."
Colleen Shaw, Hereford Technology School, Grimsby
Sep 2006 / 130
"Wow! What a great experience for our pupils! Thank you!."
Chelsea Sandbrook, Manor Leas Junior Academy, Lincoln    
Feb 2019 / 387
"What a fantastic range of items, we were hard pressed to choose which to keep & which to return."
Colleen Shaw, Hereford Technology College, Grimsby   
Mar 2008 / 182

"The boxes were fantastic, so many interesting items which enhanced my teaching!"
Sarah Monahan, Ingham Primary School, Lincoln 
Mar 2004 / 031


"We were thrilled with the contents of the China box. Far exceeded our expectations - & so quick."
Mrs B Orr, Broughton Infant School, Brigg
Feb 2005 / 074


"Excellent service across the board from Starbeck. Such an incredible range of artefacts to suplement any primary history curriculum - would definitely recommend to all schools in creating an immersive curriculum."
Krisan, Solebay Primary Academy, London E1
Jul 2020    407

"An excellent resource. Thnak you!"
Joanna Scott, St Olave's Prep School, London SE9
Feb 2018  /  373
"Great service, super speedy, takes all of the hard work out of finding resources."
Kyla Smith, Oaklands Primary School, Biggin Hill
Mar 2017  /  361
"Fantastic resource! "
St Mary's CE Primary School, Hornsey N8
Oct 2017  /  366
"Would it be possible to receive a little bit of information what the objects are & their purpose? Very impressed with the wide range of objects. Lovely quality & very good value."
Nora Thurkle, Kilmorie Primary School, London SE23
Jann 2017    338
(We're working on it and want to do this asap when time allows.)
"Excellent service! Super friendly staff, very quick turn around, high quality artefacts. we will definitely be using this company again & we will be recommending to fellow teachers."
Sarah Cropper, Dulverton Primary School, London SE9
Sep   2016    330
"Excellent resources as usual. Authentic artefacts delivered quickly, with a simple sale or return system. Thank you."
Michelle Hector, Lathom Junior School, London E6
Sep   2016     32
"Absolutely amazing! We ordered the Victorian approval box. Super, speedy delivery! Quick & easy to order & return. Friendly & helpful staff. Fabulous artefacts! Will definitely use again."
Danielle Reekie, Bandon Hill Primary School, Carshalton   
Oct  2014 / 312
"Fabulous, high quality resources - friendly service & very efficient - will be buying more!"
Emma Powell, St Mary's Primary School, Putney   
Jul 2012 / 293
"Great fabric, lovely to have a look at such a wide choice & be able to choose."
S Warne, Essex Primary School, London   
Jan 2013 / 283
"Absolutely love the approval box. We think it's a fantastic idea which is equally matched by the service. Masks play a huge part in our GCSE curriculum so in the future we will be looking to improve our inventory further, hopefully with masks of a wider variety of shapes if that is in any way possible?*"
Tom Day, Sacred Heart High School, Wealdstone   
Mar 2013 / 288      * We're on the case!
"The artefacts were of a really high quality & will make a massive difference to the art work the children produce. They are so visually stimulating, it will really help to develop their observational skills & will ensure progression in drawing, painting, sculpture & print-making."
Rosemary Bignell, Art Consultant, London   
Dec 2011 / 265
"The Service was amazingly simple & efficient with a dazzling array of inspirational resources."
Justine Skinner, North London Collegiate Junior School, Edgware   
Sep 2011 / 259
"Love the approval box service - so nice to have a selection to choose from. What a great idea."
Elaine Standish, Education Dept, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich   
Aug 2011 / 255
"Fantastic products & service. The kids & staff all love them. Thank you for bringing our art lesson alive!"
Lisa Moore, Lee Manor Primary School, London SE13    
Mar 2011 / 250
"Excellent service & a great way of finding resource materials efficiently & effectively."
Glenn Smart, Dulwich College Prep School, London   
Sep 2010 / 237
"We were so excited about the approval boxes. It's been exactly right for us. I have recommended it to other schools. It's really perfect to get to select the objects from what's in front of you rather than selecting from a web site."
Art Dept, Eltham College, London SE9
Oct 2007 / 171
"We needed items for a floor sculpture & the approval box you sent was perfect & great value."
Elizabeth Crane, Marion Richardson Primary School, London E1   
May 2009 / 207
"A good selection for drawing & 3D work."
Elspeth Law, Foresthill School, London SE23   
Jan 2009 / 203
"I was absolutely amazed at the range & quantity. My colleagues were delighted & thought Christmas had come again. If all goes well, we'll be buying some more."
Anthony Yarwood, Ellen Wilkinson Primary School, London   
Jan 2007 / 144
"The boxes sent contained such an interesting mix of items. We thoroughly enjoyed looking through & choosing what we needed. A super efficient service, we will definitely be trying new boxes next term!"
Marijke Fletcher, Hither Green Primary School, London  Mar 2007 / 150
"Great service, huge selection of products."
Paul Morrow, College Park School, London W2  
Jan 2006 /
"I wish I had the budget to keep all of it! Hopefully I will be able to order more things from you in the future years. A beautiful collection of objects & artefacts."
Mrs Nina Wheatle, Holy Trinity Primary School, London SE23  
May 2006 /
"Very good system."
David Mumby, Latymer Upper School, London W6
Jul 2005 / 096
"It's really exciting when the box arrives & the children help open it & unwrap the objects!"
Ursula Prosser, N Westminster School, London W9  
Jun 2005 / 085
"Excellent range of inspiring resources & artefacts that prompted lots of interest."
Kate Evans, Advice & Inspection, London Borough of Sutton  
Dec 2005 /
"This is a brilliant idea. I wish I could have bought more, I will recommend it to other schools. It is so easy to use."
Rebecca Tilley, Oaktree School, London N14   
Apr 2005 / 082
"The materials & artefacts Peter identified for us have made a tremendous contribution to our production of Macbeth. Not only was the help I received with my ideas friendly & helpful, the awareness & creativity with which those ideas were extended in new directions was invaluable: worth much more than a credit in the programme!"
Jim Reynolds, Preston Manor High School, Wembley  
Jun 2005 / 093
"Excellent - it was wonderful. It was like Christmas."
Rachel Josebury, Carterhatch Infant School, Enfield 
May 2004 /  045
"Very professional, very prompt & really good quality artefacts. I like the fact you recycle the packaging too, I'll definitely pass your information on to colleagues."
Amber Cole, Goldbeater's Primary School, Edgware 
Jul 2004
 /  053
"The box was full of the most wonderful things and I would have loved to have bought everything."
Lyndsey Bell, William of York Primary School, London SE23  
Apr 2004 /  037
"Lovely selection, you make it so easy to choose resources."
Nicky Delamore, Waverley School, Enfield 
Feb 2004 / 029
"Starbeck gives a good service with really attractive & interesting resources."
Gill Norris, Gordonbrook School, London SE4 
Jul 2004 /  052
"A broad range of high quality artefacts & objects from different cultures. A cry of delight went up from the teachers when they saw them. The quality of the stimulus affects the quality of the art work produced. As an art adviser I recommend schools to use them to support their art & design schemes of work."
Rosemary Bignell, Art Consultant, London          
Dec 2003 /  021

"Friendly, helpful service - prompt, efficient delivery & pick-up. Great resources!"
Alison Jenkins, South Grove Primary School, London E17   
Jan 2004 /  023


Manchester "We loved the resources, particularly being able to buy & keep the artefacts."
Tracy Swift, Winstanley Primary School, Wigan   
May 2019 / 389
"A fantastic service. We will definitely use this service again to build up our resources for History & Geography.."
Geraldine Pilling, St Cuthbert's Primary School, Wigan

Feb 2020 / 397
"First time we have used this service - fantastic. Prompt arrival of box, great selection, good price, easy return service. We'll be using you again."
Emily de Vere, Withington Girls' School, Manchester   
Sep 2011 / 258

"What a fantastic service! You have saved me hours of precious time searching for artefacts. Thank you so much."
Helena Whipp, St Bede's Prep School, Manchester 
Jan  2016 / 324


Merseyside "Amazing resources! Amazing service! Amazing learning! Would recommend to everyone."
Alison Mackin, St Michael & All Angel Primary School, Wirral   
Jan 2020 / 398
"Fabulous artefacts yet again! Thank you Peter for a wonderful friendly service."
Hilary McCann, Arnot St Mary Primary School, Liverpool   
Jan 2020 / 399
"Excellent artefacts. I would have bought more if the budget was bigger! "
A Wignall, Monksdown Primary School, Liverpool   
Dec 2012 / 278
"An excellent service! The items we have ordered are making a huge difference to our curriculum."
Dave Catt, Halewood Primary School, Liverpool   
Sep 2018  / 377
"We are so impressed with the efficient & helpful service at Starbeck. The range of artefacts is wonderful & will help make our learning environment exciting & vibrant."
Woolton Primary School, Liverpool   
Jul 2012 / 276
"Artefacts were of good quality & excellent value for money."
Mrs Eileen Guy, Much Woolton Catholic Primary School, Liverpool   
Nov 2007 / 173
"Marvelous generous service."
Brenda Muller, Excellence in Liverpool Teacher Resource Centre 
Dec 2003 / 018
"What a fantastic resource box. Friendly, knowledgeable & efficient service."
Steven Dixon, Cherryfield Primary School, Kirkby 
Nov 2006 / 136
Norfolk "Great range of artefacts & very prompt service."
W A Tebbutt, Lyng Primary School, Norwich
May 2006 / 118
"Great Service, saved lots of time, great resources. We really enjoyed going through our boxes & feel that the otems we have selected for our pupils will inspire some great work & support their ideas. We are looking to host a sale day in the next academic year in our new Academy building."
Geraldine Guilfoyle, Thetford Academy   
Mar 2013 / 287
"Superb resources delivered very promptly - an excellent service!"
Simon Wright, Neatherd School, Dereham  
March 2006 /

"Fantastic Service!"
Scott Stuart, Charles Burrell High School, Thetford 
Jun 2004 / 046

North Wales "A fabulous set of artefacts. Great that you can choose individual items to purchase. We really value this as a small rural primary with a limited budget, thanks. Will definitley use again. Great service & communication too. "
Mrs Catherine Jones, Francysyllte Primary School, Wrexham
Sep 2019 / 393
North Yorkshire "An excellent service, boxes are interesting & well packaged. They arrived promptly - just wish my budget was bigger."
Susan Ison, Risedale School, Catterick Garrison   
May 2010 / 233
"This is an amazing service. I am really pleased with the box & the items are fantastic. This box enhanced learning of South America so much. The next best thing to taking my whole class!"
Rebecca Maiden, Meadowside Primary School, Knaresborough.   
Sep 2013 / 295
"Lovely things - many thanks. Excellent service."
Susan Ison, Risedale Community College, Catterick Garrison    
Oct 2008 / 195
"Super resources & very helpful staff."
Kate McEvoy, St Peter's Brafferton Primary School, York   
Nov 2009 / 219
"Thank you for this impressive service! Our children have really enjoyed, feeling, wearing, banging, playing & discussing all the artefacts in the 2 boxes we have had. Your items have greatly added to our themes. We only wished we had ordered more."
Wendy Thickett, The Grange Partnership, Harrogate Aug 2007 / 166
"Excellent resources - very useful & informative."
Emily Kay, Kirkby & Great Broughton Primary School, Stokesley   
May 2008 / 183
"Brilliant - the students were really excited & even wanted to buy some themselves."
Kath Mackenzie, Bedale High School 
Feb 2005 / 075
"A great learning experience for the whole school."
Helen Fletcher, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Harrogate   
Jun 2005 / 092
"An excellent range of unusual artefacts at very affordable prices."
Emily Warren, Kirkby & Great Broughton Primary School, Stokesley   
Nov 2003 / 006
"What a fantastic Service - I ordered the Jewish box after 5pm Monday - it was here before school ended on Tuesday! The quality & price of the resources is excellent."
Caroline Crummack, Oatlands Infant School, Harrogate May 2004 /  043 
Northants "A wonderful resource that really helped to bring the topic to life and improve children's discussion and understanding. It was like discovering treasure!"
Eliazbeth Broderick, Dunchurch Junior School, Rugby   
Oct 2020 / 411
"Great. Speedy delivery."
Kings Heath Primary Academy, Northampton   
Jul 2014 / 304
"Fantastic Service. One telephone call, the boxes arrived as promised, & were excellent quality. Well packaged. Ordering system easy to use. Lovely variety of artefacts."
Alison Buckley, Northants Co Council, Learning Achievement & School Improvement   
May 2009 / 208
"A great selection of items and plenty of time to consider what to spend limited budgets on. A marvelous service."
James Bradley, Seaview Primary School, Ballymena Mar 2004 /  032 
Northumberland "These objects will make a great addition to our pre-history workshop kit & our loans box service here at Northumberland National Park."
Rachel Baron, The Sill, Hexham  
May 2019 / 391
"Excellent service, fast, friendly delivery & Brilliant resources - will use you again."
D Worrall, New Delaval First School, Blyth  
Oct 2006 / 131
Notts "A wonderful service - fantastic goods at great prices."
Tuxford Primary Academy, Newark   
Oct 2020 / 408
"It was like Christmas had come early as we excitedly unwrapped the treasures in our 2 approval boxes! A very prompt delivery to school & we are really looking forward to using the artefacts to do some real hands on history with our children."
Maria Lowndes, Robert Shaw Primary School, Nottingham
Dec  2016     335
"Most impressed, super fast delivery & lots of lovely items, just like Christmas! May not be possible, but I could have done with some smaller cheaper pottery sculptures. Thank you for such an impressive service...will be back!"
Anna Morrow, Trent College, Nottingham   
Nov 2013 / 299
"An excellent service - so easy to use & very convenient."
Tanya Goldsmith, Magnus CE School, Newark   
Feb 2013 / 285
"I was extremely impressed with the fast response I had when I requested an approval box. The quality & range of resources are excellent."
Nadine Lacey, Norbridge Primary School, Worksop   
Mar 2010 / 227
"The boxes were great fun to look through & I'm sure our children will love the artefacts we have kept."
Julie Brookes, Milford Primary School, Nottingham  
Jun 2004 /  048
Oxon "Fabulous service."
Vicky Lees, West Kidlington Primary School, Oxford
Jun  2016     329
"Fabulous! We'll def be back for more."
Lucy Harris, Allotts School, Henley on Thames   
Feb 2011 / 246
"I found the resources really good & inspiring for the children."
Rebecca Mann, Windale Primary School, Oxford  
Oct 2006 / 133
"A great service, it has been invaluable during our International weeks & for cross curricular work. Such a variety of good artefacts available."
Tina Christie, Southwold School, Bicester  
Apr 2004 / 035
"Brilliant range at incredible prices. We'll use again."
Ian Cleary, Harcourt Arboretum, Oxford
Dec 2005 /
"We are amazed by the fantastic friendly service given by Peter & his team. The resources are of high quality & the system of selecting before you purchase is a great way to tailor the resources to your school's needs. "
Stephanie Rowett, Hanwell Fields School, Banbury 
Jun  2016 / 331
"Thank you very much for the African, Islamic & Moroccan artefacts. They have been in constant use, in conjunction with an African culture week & later with a visit from a Ugandan artist to do a 3 day workshop here. The masks have been a real source of inspiration. We shall be using your services again!"
Lavinia Kilsby, Manor Prep School, Abingdon 
Dec 2003 /  019
Scotland "Excellent Service."
Andrew Hopps, Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen   
Sep 2012 / 290
"Lovely items - looking forward to using them during our topic."
V Bircher, St Mary's RC Primary School, Bathgate   
Sep 2013 / 296
"I think your service has been excellent! I only found out about you by accident!"
Jodie Thompson, Thorntree Primary School, Glasgow 
Mar 2007 / 148
"Lots of interesting & stimulating resources - great for sensory education."
Scott Thomson, Carrongrange School Stenhousemuir   
Mar 2007 / 153
"Where else can you get such a variety of artefacts in a box - without travelling the world?"
Julie Rush, Glasgow  
July 2006 /
"An unusual & interesting selection of resources. Our teachers enjoyed looking through the sample boxes & found some super stimuli for their lessons. The range of textiles was particularly popular. These will be used to enhance classroom displays & to provide excellent contexts for discussion & stimuli for art lessons."
Ann Warren, Newhills Primary School, Aberdeen
Oct 2005 /
"Great boxes, thanks."
Tracy Stock, Tighnabruaich Primary School, Argyll   
Sep  2015 / 318

"I am delighted with this service. I requested 4 approval boxes - cultural & natural resources. The range & quantity of materials that arrived was far greater than I had expected. I would definitely use this again."
Pauline Cumming, Drummond High School, Edinburgh
Jan 2005 / 071


"The approval box was great ! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to other teachers. Friendly & efficient service, affordable prices & delivery & collection of artefacts free of charge was "the icing on the cake."
Kay Chapman, East Lothian   
Aug 2005 / 097
Shropshire "As History coordinator, I had been struggling to find resources to bring topics to life. Starbeck provides a great variety of amazing resources which are sure to help our children's writing & further understanding of the topic."
Simon White, Captain Webb Primary School, Telford
Jul 2020 / 406
"Prompt & efficient service. Comprehensive range sent for 'sea' & 'natural' topics. Clear instructions for returning goods - would definitely use Starbeck again when I have more funds available."
Dave Farlow, Mary Webb School, Pontesbury   
Jul 2009 / 213
"Excellent service, it was Christmas in the Art Dept come early. A wealth of resources - pity I didn't have a large capitation as I wanted to buy everything."
Michelle Spillett, Grange School, Shrewsbury
Sep 2007 / 165
"Brilliant service. Boxes were here within the next day. Lots of great inspiration for art & cross-curricular work."
Georgina Lees, St Matthew's Primary School, Telford
May 2006 /
"I think the Starbeck's system is the simplest & most enjoyable way of ordering resources."
Andrea Snow, Mount Gilbert School, Telford
June 2006 /
"We wish to express our thanks to you for such an excellent service with the recent Indian Artefacts approval box you sent to us. On a very tight budget we were able to choose a wide range of artefacts to help us with our teaching, especially during this years Arts week. We look forward to using your approval box service again."
Tracy Haycocks, Oxon Primary School, Shrewsbury  
May 2004 / 041
"What an amazing service ! Fantastic artefacts, such variety, reasonable prices, very prompt delivery - we are absolutely delighted ! We can't wait to use them with our kids."
Jenny O'Leary, Corbet School, Baschurch   
Oct 2004 /
"Thank you for this fantastic service. I have told every art, music, RE teacher I know !"
Gill Middlewick, Thomas Telford School, Telford  
Nov 2003 /
"Fantastic variety of artefacts giving children a wonderful visual experience."
Sarah Yates, Claverley Primary School 
Jan 2004 / 027
Somerset "With many thanks for getting our 'Hazlegrove Harambee' fund going with a fantastic selection of Kenyan artefacts. I'm really impressed by your friendly service."
Sophie Farrell, Shepton Mallet   
May 2012 / 272
"A wonderful range of artefacts, textiles & musical instruments. The staff were in awe. A fantastic service - please do not change anything, just keep doing what you are doing. We found your service to be helpful & efficient."
Mrs Gail Matter, Milton Infant School, Weston-super-Mare
July 2006 /
"Wow! Everything we needed to raise our art profile in school. Fantastic inexpensive, exciting goodies that got the staff room, governers & parents talking. The children have been inspired by our new artefacts. Truly Magical. Thank you for such a friendly service. WONDERFUL. Escapism & exotic travel without needing my passport!"
Rachel Brotherton, Peasedown St John Primary School, Bath  
May 2006 /
"Being able to touch the artefacts brought our study of an Indian village to life."
Kate Barmby-King, St Andrew's Primary School, Taunton   
Feb 2005 / 076
"A fantastic service, the artefacts are wonderful. The children were very excited to have such interesting things to look at."
Caroline Hider, St Saviour's Nursery & Infants School, Bath   
Sep 2008 / 192
"A lovely selection of artefacts. It was really good to be able to look at them before buying, rather than have to guess from a picture."
Clare Langford, Priorswood Primary School, Taunton  
Nov 2003 / 003
"High quality artifacts at sensible prices & efficiently dispatched."
Rev Edward Hulme, Bath 
Mar 2005 / 080

South Wales "Fantastic variety of masks from around the world! We were like children at Christmas unpacking the approval box."
John Taylor, Lewis Girls' School, Hengoed   
Jul 2014 / 305
"A lovely service - a great way of showing the children interesting items."
R Nelmes, Cwmdu CiW School, Crickhowell   
Dec 2011 / 263
"Many thanks - excellent service."
Joanna Coulson, Cardiff High School  
Dec 2009 / 220
"Excellent service & great range."
Jo Gold, Y Pant Comprehensive School, Rhondda   
Oct 2013 / 298
"What an amazing variety of artefacts! Wow! So interesting & very inspiring. A great selection sent to choose from & free delivery & collection - such a brilliant service."
Joanna Coulson, Cardiff High School   
Sep 2010 / 238
"A great selection of artefacts with reasonable prices. An excellent delivery & collection service. The children really enjoyed playing the new instruments."
Emma Whitney, Oaklands Primary School, Aberdare   
Mar 2011 / 248
"It has been like Xmas for a couple of days!"
Rebecca Woodward, Meadow Lane Primary School, Cardiff  
Mar 2005 / 081
"Excellent, excellent excellent ! What a brilliant service. It's my first year as an art teacher & I'm sure these amazing resources will prove invaluable. I will definitely be bending my head of department's ear to order a lot more!"
Sarah Deasy, Caerleon Comprehensive School, Newport  
Aug 2005 /
Jo Gold, Y Pant Comprehensive School, Rhondda
Nov 2005 /
"An excellent service. I found this system easy to use, a good range of artefacts were sent & the prices were reasonable. I would definitely recommend this service to any other teacher."
Helen Bishop, St Woolos Primary School, Newport 
Jun 2004 / 047 
"An excellent service, well recommended."
Jo Gold, Y Pant Comprehensive School, Rhondda
Sep 2004 /  056
South Yorkshire "Absolutely fabulous service & variety of objects, Sadly, we don't have the money to buy everything, buut I will be back in touch. I'll be spreading the word of your marvellous service."
Lucy Potts, Prince Edward Primary School, Sheffield   
Jun 2014 / 302
"Staff thought the resources were great. There were a couple of items in the boxes that were not listed so that was a bit confusing."
Sue Benson, Loxley Primary School, Sheffield   
Jul 2014 / 303
"This is the first time that we have used Starbeck Educational Resources & thank goodness we found you! Excellent resources, excellent service!"
Emma Goodall, Children 1st, Sheffield   
May 2010 / 231
"Your service is fantastic!"
Charlotte Guise-Smith, Kingstone School, Barnsley   
Jun 2012 / 274
"Thank you for such a great variety of Judaism artefacts. It will greatly improve our teaching & give our children real hands on experience of artefacts they would otherwise never handle or only see on a dvd."
Steven Fidler, St Joseph's RC School, Sheffield
Sep 2007 / 164
"We have found Starbeck Educational Resources to be a friendly & efficient company, supplying an excellent range of resources at a reasonable price."
Andrea Garfitt, Meadowhall Junior School, Rotherham   
Dec 2005 / 1

"Good value & excellent service!"
Frances Walsh, Swinton Brookfield Primary School, Mexborough   
Jun 2009 / 209

"Lovely items, very impressed & reasonably priced. Quick delivery & collection."
Mrs Reekie, Tankersley St Peter's Primary School, Barnsley  
March 2006
/ 114
Staffs "Super service, thanks so much for your patience with our lack of organisation. Will be in touch to buy more resources shortly."
Rachel Hunt, St Luke's Primary School, Cannock   
Jul 2019  / 390

"An absolutely fantastic service that schools do not know enough about - everyone I have told has been amazed! You are a great service, especially for schools like mine (larger than average, poor area). Fantastic objects for children to investigate!"
Hayley Goodwin, Sutherlands Primary School, Stoke on Trent   
May 2018  / 374

"Really amazing artefacts that truly brought the topic to life for the students! Thank you so much."
Fiona Canniffe, Sutherland Primary Academy, Stoke on Trent   
Jul 2017  / 364
"Fantastic resources."
Kate Tompkinson, Ravensmead Primary School, Stoke on Trent   
Dec 2011 / 261
"Super resources, children really enjoyed using them as part of Arts Week."
Melanie Goodall, Ravensmead Primary School, Stoke on Trent   
Feb 2011 / 245
"A superb service - hadn't had the sale or return service before - but it was really useful for the whole dept. to be able to pick & choose their own resources. Fab!"
Jane Kay, Fair Oak College, Rugeley   
Mar 2008 / 181
"A wonderful selection!"
Woodcroft First School, Leek   
Feb 2009 / 205
"Wow - I was really impressed by the quality & range of artefacts available!"
Belinda Latimer, Sir Graham Balfour School, Stafford   
Jan 2008 / 175
"Very friendly welcoming service.You can speak to someone directly - refreshing in the age of e-mail! The system for approval is simple & means you do not buy anything you have not seen & chosen."
Mrs Caroline Bebington, Westwood College, Leek
Jan 2008 / 177

"We brought the world into our school through Starbeck."
D J Law, St Luke's Primary School, Stoke on Trent  
Oct 2004 /  063


"Excellent service."
Amanda Wright, St Dominic's Priory School, Stone  
Dec  2006 / 142

"We have been really impressed with how quickly Starbeck sent us our approval box, which contained excellent items that we know our pupils will enjoy learning with. Fantastic service!"
Holly Burgess, Exning Primary School, Newmarket   
Oct 2020 / 412

"It was helpful to be able to pick the artefacts most appropriate for our school & return the ones not needed. "
Pipers Vale Primary Academy, Ipswich
Jun 2020    404
"A fantastic selection of good quality artefacts at very reasonable prices. Super fast delivery - a service I know I will be using again & again. Many thanks."
Kelly Head, Springfield Infant School, Ipswich
Dec  2016     332
"Thank you Peter - a truly wonderful service! Don't go to school without it!"
Claire Bolton, Old Buckenham Hall School, Ipswich   
Oct 2007 / 172

"We love Starbeck! What a fantastic educational resource - a real treasure trove. Whenever I need a bit of inspiration for art projects - it is the first place I look! Whether it is Aboriginal didgeridoos, Native American Indian headdresses, giant seed pods, fantastic African masks or beautiful sea shells, the children's response to Starbeck's resources is incredible. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me for over four years. Don't forget to look at their creepy-crawlies!"
Claire Bolton, Old Buckenham Hall School, Ipswich   
Sep 2009 / 215

"A great resource for busy teachers. Prompt & easy to understand service. Will certainly use again."
Joy Chambers, Witnesham Primary School, Ipswich   
Feb  2014 / 307

"Fantastic African masks, the children are producing lovely drawings from them!"
Juliet King, Old Buckenham Hall School, Ipswich   
Feb 2009 / 204




"I am so thankful to have found this company; every teacher needs to know about it! The customer service is excellent & all of my queries were answered in a timely, friendly manner. The quality of the resources in the box is second to none & there was such a good selection of products which are not easily sources elsewhere. The fact that delivery & collection is free is also absolutely fantastic. I will definitely be using this company again & will be telling all my colleagues to do the same."
Maxine Smy, Kenley Park Primary School, Whyteleafe   
Sep 2019 / 394

"Really great service. The team were amazing & easy to get in touch with. All items were unique & interesting & our children loved the overall experience."
Year 4 Team, Aerodrome Primary Academy, Croydon
Nov 2020 / 414
"We are so excited about the resources we purchased from Starbeck. Our Humanities topics will certainly come alive as the girls analyse each source. Thank you Peter! "
Byron King, Surbiton Girls' School, Surbiton
Feb 2019 / 388
"The approval box service is a fantastic idea. It was great to see the resources before buying & the whole process was easy & hassle free! Will definitely use again in the future, thank you!"
Madeline Storey, Kensington Avenue Primary School, Thornton Heath
Jan  2017    337
"Fabulous box of recycled artefacts with speedy service."
Margaret Maunder, Carnleigh School, Cranleigh   
Feb 2013 / 284
"The approval box arrived quickly & contained a wealth of African resources. To be able to see before you buy was very much appreciated & meant we could match the resources to our planning. An excellent service for busy teachers!"
Jill King, Frogmore Infant School, Camberley   
Feb 2012 / 267
"It is always a pleasure & a joy to order from such a wonderful organisation. My students always enthuse about the artefacts."
M Bradley, Kings International College, Camberley   
Nov 2011 / 260
"We think Starbeck is fantastic!! The boxes that get sent are great & there is always stuff that we can purchase & use for the nursery!"
Helen Giles, Teddie's Nursery, Godalming   
Nov 2009 / 218
"Thank you for such an interesting approval box containing things from the sea & natural items. There is so much to choose from it has been difficult to decide especially when you have a budget to keep to. Your approval box service is an excellent idea & arrived when expected. I shall certainly recommend your company to my other playgroup colleagues."
Mrs D Williams, Horley Playgroup   
Aug 2009 / 214
"An excellent service! Very prompt & high quality resources."
Sally Engledow, Weald Primary School, Dorking 
Feb 2007 / 146
"Our music box captivated the imaginations of our children brilliantly. The range of instruments & the way they had been made helped to entertain them for ages! They then had to decide which ones to keep whilst working to a budget they had been given - their faces were a picture, but they did it! "
Dawn Smith, Action House After School Club, Dorking   
Nov 2006 / 138
"The resources were a real inspiration for both the students & teachers alike. If we had a larger budget we would have purchased more than we did. Thanks for the use & we will consider further resources in the future."
Miss Carole Connolly, Jubilee High School, Addlestone Nov 2006 / 139
"Great service, very convenient."
Lucy Wheeler, De Stafford College, Caterham  
Apr 2005 / 084
"A lovely selection of good quality instruments at very reasonable prices. Excellent service."
Mrs S Bonner, St Anne's Primary School, Banstead
Jun 2005 / 086
"The Kenyan artefacts help bring our topic to life. The children enjoyed being able to handle original Kenyan crafts."
Mrs Viv Kyte, Manor House School, Leatherhead  
June 2006 /
"As a first time customer I am delighted; user friendly web site, easy instructions, prompt delivery & great fun opening up the boxes when they arrived! A fantastic service for all Arts & Humanities subject teachers."
Camilla Kirkpatrick, Bishopsgate School, Englefield Green   
Mar 2005 / 077
"Really useful service and having the boxes to peruse over for a week is helpful when we can't find the time to look together."
Michelle South, Byfleet Primary School
Apr 2004 / 036
"Excellent resource, thank you!"
Pat Bateman, Mytchett Primary School, Camberley  
Jul 2004 /  051
"An amazing prompt service, with a fascinating wide selection of items, not found anywhere else, such as in educational catalogues etc. A unique service."
Jean Elkes, Noah's Ark Pre-school, Farnham 
Jan 2004 / 024
 "We are so impressed with your service, the second time of using you. Fantastic, reasonably priced resources that will bring topics to life."
Julie Davies, The Raleigh School, West Horsley 
Mar 2004 / 033
"Prompt & efficient service - thanks. It was like opening a box of Christmas presents! Excellent quality instruments & artefacts all at a good range of prices. I'll definitely use Starbeck again - a great resource for all schools!"
Judith Royle, Adviser, Surrey   
Nov 2003 / 010
"Loved the natural & sea forms. Just keep doing the same!"
Janet Moncrieff, Nonsuch High School, Cheam 
Dec 2003 / 014
Sussex "Wonderful source of textiles, masks etc. from other cultures. Great for Art lessons & PSHE."
Adrienne Shields, Chalkhill Education Centre, Haywards Heath   
Mar 2012 / 269
"The service is excellent, there is nothing needed to improve, because you have it all. Thank you."
Peacehaven Community School   
Dec 2012 / 280

"A great selection of resources."
Ashington Primary School, Pulborough   
Jan 2011 / 242

"What a great resource & such variety."
Ruth Kenny, Petersfield Infant School   
Jul 2010 / 236
"This was a fantastic box of artefacts & the collection/delivery service was very efficient!"
Cathy Offer, Hawthorns First School, Worthing   
Mar 2010 / 228
"An excellent selection of resources. These artefacts will be very motivating & inspire lots of cross-curricular work."
Judith James, Ashington Primary School, Pulborough   
Feb 2011 / 243
"What an exciting collection of natural objects. I wish I could kept all of them!"
Ali White, Hangleton Junior School, Hove
Sep 2008 / 189
"A fabulous collection!"
Judith James, Laurels First School, Worthing   
Feb 2010 / 225
"Starbeck has revolutionised the way our children can explore a project through hands on access to beautiful resources which they would otherwise not have had the chance to experience."
Mrs Chrissie Sharp, Fishbourne Primary School, Chichester   
Jun 2008 / 185
"Thank you so much for your efficient service! Staff & children are inspired to sketch your lovely objects."
Jane Joshi, St Margaret's CE School, Rottingdean
Jun 2008 / 187
Melanie Clark, Windlesham House School, Pulborough
Jan 2007 / 145
"Never disappointed! An excellent range of resources - always inspiring."
Mrs Judith James, Laurels First School, Worthing
Nov 2006 / 137
"Opening the boxes was like having Christmas early ! An excellent service for schools."
Jo Smith-Hashim, Oathill College, Haywards Heath
Nov 2004 / 064
"This is a very efficient service which provides a choice of artefacts unavailable from most educational suppliers."
Rebecca Flanagan, Parkland Junior School, Eastbourne   
Dec 2003 /  016
"A very convenient helpful service - I won't hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues."
Claire McBride, Hawks Farm School, Hailsham 
Feb 2004 / 030 
"Amazing variety - such fun to choose items. Lots of lovely ideas for cross-curricular links and artefacts to stimulate art & craft work. The approval box system is a great new idea. I shall be using it again!"
Suzanne Nye, Patcham Junior School, Brighton  
May 2005 / 083
Teesside "Starbeck is a great company, excellent choice, unique items & great service - what more do you want!"
Sara Luke, Preston Hall Museum, Stockton on Tees Oct 2008 / 193
"Quick & efficient service, interesting objects."
Joanne Cory, Norton School, Stockton  
Mar 2007 / 149 
"An excellent variety of genuine hand-crafted artefacts."
Emily Warren, Kirkby in Cleveland Primary School, Middlesbrough  
Jan 2004 / 028
Tyneside "Wonderful, wonderful resources that bring my art lessons to life. Art is all about inspiration & these top quality resources certainly do that. As Arnie said: "I'll be back!" "
Paul Carney, Gosforth East Middle School, Gosforth   
Dec 2009 / 223
"Excellent quality items. They are certain to inspire our budding young artists."
Ben Haigh, Walbottle Campus, Newcastle upon Tyne   
Nov  2015 / 320

"Excellent service & stunning resources."
Una Mee, EMTRAS, Newcastle upon Tyne 
Jun 2005 / 090


"I am writing to express our delight with the items supplied. They were of such variety & relevance to our project that we found it difficult to choose just a few & have decided therefore to keep them all"
Lynda Paterson, Living History, Sunderland 
Mar 2007 / 169
Warwicks "Wonderful service. A great range of high quality artefacts. We ordered a good range at a reasonable price."
Nicola Burton, St John Fisher Primary School, Coventry
Jul 2020 / 405
"Absolutely excellent service with fabulous resources at great prices. Extremely excited about using them with the secondary students in Art."
Holly Jones, Foxford School, Coventry   
Sep  2014 / 309
"Quick delivery, good quality items."
Camp Hill Primary School, Nuneaton

Jan  2016 /  325
"Excellent range, both in quality & price."
Suzette Gillman, Westwood School, Coventry 
Jun 2007 / 159
"A very useful resource."
Louisa Morris, Warwick School  
Oct 2004 / 062
"I would recommend the approval box service. Very helpful to be able to select appropriate items."
K E Hewitt, King's High School for Girls, Warwick
Dec  2006 / 141
West Midlands "Very happy with the service received."
Amy Buck, Beaufort School, Birmingham

Jan 2020 /  400
"Really pleased with the choice of objects & speed at which they were delivered. Would definitley recommend."
Emma Lockey, Hall Green School, Birmingham   
Feb 2020 / 396
"I would like to say thank you to all at Starbeck for the absolutely phenomenal service! I cannot fault it in any way! Please feel free to publish my comments, we are promoting you to anyone & everyone!."
Elizabeth Stait, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham
Feb  2017    339
"I just wish to say that the products which were delivered yesterday are beautiful. My young son was delighted with the basket which has been placed in his bedroom, The waste paper baskets were very well crafted & are of very good quality. Thank you for a very good service & we look forward to ordering from you again in the future."
Denise Shelton, Marston Green (Personal purchase)   
Feb 2013 / 286
"Wow! This service is excellent. Very quick delivery & fantastic communication. Lovely artefacts & will definately be ordering more when our new budget arrives."
Kerri Vanstone, St Phillip's Catholic Primary School, Smethwick   
Mar 2013 / 289
"Lovely collections! Spent far more than intended but will all be put to good use."
Jean Shaw, Walsall School Library Service   
Mar 2011 / 249
"Fabulous resources at affordable prices which will capture children's interests. Super efficeint service - always willing to assist, even at short notice!"
A Hafeez, Priory Centre, Dudley   
Jul 2013 / 292
"Many thanks for the African approval box. It was full of great resources & we have added to our existing items. I will definitely use the service again to resource our new curriculum."
Mrs R Bates, Perryfields Primary School, Oldbury   
Mar 2011 / 252
"Wonderful selection of resources sent on approval. Will greatly enhance our loan collection."
Jean Shaw, School Library Support Service, Walsall   
Aug 2011 / 254
"As usual, the resources are of great quality. The children really benefit from having the resources used for displays around schools. Using Starbeck so often, I feel I have made a very important link as the staff are so friendly & the company is so trusting with their artefacts. I will keep using their service!"
Karen Whitter, Clifton Junior School, Birmingham
Jan 2007 / 143
"What a fantastic & much needed service - we love it! "
Asma Hafeez, Park Hill Primary School, Birmingham
Oct 2004 /
"We only had a budget of £85 but as your resources are so wonderful & exciting we made sure we found extra money from somewhere. We will continue to buy resources until the well runs dry !! The service is great!"
Karen Whitter, Clifton Infant School, Birmingham 
Nov 2004 / 066
"I found the Starbeck approval box service extremely easy to use. Delivery was prompt & I was supplied with a wide range of affordable items based on a very vague request from myself!"
Karen Boswell, Walmley Junior School, Sutton Coldfield 
Apr 2004 /  038
"Service was excellent. Delivery & collection was easy."
Jayne Jones, Belbroughton 1st School, Stourbridge
Dec 2003 /  022
"Great service - will use you again, super resources."
Jo Hemmings, Whitegreave Primary School, Wolverhampton   
Jun 2004 /  049
"Reasonable prices. Really interesting for schools & present a really good service all schools should take a look!"
Karen Whitter, Clifton Infant School, Birmingham
Oct 2004
 / 059
"Great selection! Thanks for the Xmas experience of opening a great box of joy!"
Ryan Everson, Lode Heath School, Solihull

May 2016 / 330
West Yorkshire "Fantastic Service! Thanks so much. We enjoyed "excavating" the artefacts & using them in lessons."
Rebecca Bentley, Birchfield Primary School, Leeds   
Sep  2014 / 310
"A fantastic service with a wide range of very interesting, unusual objects."
Abigail Owen, Royd's School, Leeds   
Mar  2015 / 315
"An excellent service, with fantastic artefacts which are reasonaly priced."
Abigail Owen, Royd's School, Leeds   
Sep  2014 / 310

"A great selection of musical instruments at reasonable prices. We were very excited when we opened the box & saw the unusual contents. We wanted them all! "
Jacqui Tate, W Bowling Nursery School, Bradford  
Aug 2005 / 098

"Really liked the recycled box - very useful for our business & enterprise club to see the things that can be made from recycled goods."
Sharon Baranyai, St Chad's Primary School, Brighouse   
Mar 2010 / 232
"Fantastic service & excellent resources."
Mrs K Ali, Marsden Junior School, Huddersfield  
Jan 2005 / 072
"Prompt & friendly service. The Islam box was excellent."
Sarah Maccallum, North Rigton Primary School, Leeds
Sep 2005 / 099

"An excellent resource, for difficult to find items - enlivening & enriching any art lesson - brilliant."
Mervyn Wilson, Sherburn High School, Leeds  
Oct 2006 / 134

"Excellent speedy service. Very helpful & informative when I phoned. Artefacts etc are wonderful for Aboriginal, Islamic & Indian textile projects."
D Kelly, Spring Grove Junior School, Huddersfield  
Mar 2005 / 078
"Really really impressed. Wish we had sent off for a box years ago. (We've been spending £30+ a year borrowing items.) Quality was great as was the range. This was matched by the ease of the whole procedure. A great resource."
Louise Mortimer, Ilkley Grammar School   
Sep 2004 /
"Having these artefacts improved the quality of the lessons - they helped to bring the lessons to life. Very pleased with the service - quick & efficient."
Margaret Wilkinson, Warley Town School, Halifax
Dec 2004 / 069
"If my dept. had the funds, I'd keep it all!"
T Antoine, The Challenge College, Bradford 
Nov 2003 /
"Excellent range of artefacts. These will be very useful for our art projects & to display around the school. It really adds the wow factor to some lessons."
Mervyn Wilson, Sherburn High School, Leeds 
May 2004 / 044
Wilts "Great service, extremely useful!"
Wootton Bassett School, Swindon   
Dec 2009 / 222
"A fantastic & exciting opportunity to enliven art rooms & inspire young minds."
Lucy Tabberer, Sandroyd School, Salisbury   
Oct 2008 / 199 
"A valuable resource. I wish I had known about you earlier. We would love a visit from you sometime. Living in "leafy Wiltshire" there are not many places you can find ethnic, religious & art based artefacts."
Lindsay Lucas, Zouch Primary School, Tidworth
Jul 2004 /  054
Worcs "The items are of such amazing quality & look so authentic! We are very pleased with our purchases & know they will be fantastic learning resources. Thank you so much!"
Vix Powell, Compton Verney House, Warwick

 May 2016 / 332
"This was the first time our school had used this scheme - we had so many compliments! Everyone was amazed at the variety of the objects."
Mary Dodd, Eckington First School, Pershore
Jun 2008 / 184
"I love Starbeck, what an amazing resource!"
Tonia Jones, Christopher Whitehead Language College, Worcester   
Oct 2008 / 196
"Beautiful artefacts of a very high quality. Lovely for the pupils to see real objects from another country."
Julie Brand, Pitcheroak School, Redditch   
Mar 2010 / 229
"The box arrived promptly & I was really pleased with the range of items sent."
Tonya Jones, Christopher Whitehead High School, Worcester   
Jan 2008 / 176

"Always a pleasure to receive your boxes - I get as excited as the children!!! Great service - thank you again!"
Rebecca Mirza, Hindlip First School, Worcester 
Jun 2007 / 158

"Excellent service, fantastic products."
Jane Hill, Wolverley High School, Kidderminster   
Jul 2014 / 306
"We were all excited by the arrival of the boxes. Great anticipation followed by lots of exciting discussions, great questions and a high sense of curiosity! Will definitely use Starbeck again for future topics."
Liz Douglas, Thornton House School, Worcester
Oct 2006 / 132
"Found service very useful & resources extremely good quality."
Lesley Thomas, Hindlip First School, Worcester
Oct 2005 /
"Starbeck Educational Resources are exciting, informative & varied. Congratulations on such a useful & efficient service!"
Helen Keenan, Manor Park Special School, Worcester
Jul 2005 / 095

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