In the van we carry an incredible amount of stock - artefacts covering HISTORY, RE, ART, EARLY YEARS plus much more, including all manner of historical artefacts, masks, carvings, textiles, musical instruments, items of the six main faiths, clothes, jewellery, natural forms etc.

We park up outside school & staff can pop out to the van and have a good rummage! We will invoice school for any purchases you make. We can take card, cheque or cash payments for any personal purchases made.

In the course of the year we cover every area of mainland UK. The sales van is a great way to see our products! Click here to see some of your colleagues' comments about the van visit.
If you would like us to attend a training course, federation, pyramid or cluster-group meeting or to arrange a sale at your school please contact on 01765 607 815.

"The Starbeck van arrived on time - so important in a busy working day! Friendly & helpful service - as always. A wide range of resources to selet from at very reasonable prices. Thank you so much!"
Su Fairbairn, Hornsey School for Girls, London 

August 2018
  Date Town / City  
Monday 13th Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Tuesday 14th Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Wednesday 15th Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Thursday 16th Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Friday 17th Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Monday 20th Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Tuesday 21st Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Wednesday 22nd Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Thursday 23rd Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  
Friday 24th Scotland Visiting schools in Scotland  

September 2018
  Date Town / City  
Tuesday 4th Nottingham Visiting schools in Nottingham  
Thursday 27th South Yorkshire Visiting schools in South Yorkshire  

From May 2018, if you would like a visit from the sales van, please get in touch and we will sort out a date and time
that is suitable for you. Because of the ever increasing running costs of the van, we do request that you have a
minimum spend of £500. Alternatively, you're more than welcome to use our free no obligation approval box service.
If you would like a visit and we are in your area as listed above, the £500 limit does not apply.
If you are unsure about anything, please ring Peter on 01765 607 815 - we're here to help.

For an unforgettable experience - book the van now!

To book the van or to enquire when we are next in your area - please ring Peter on
01765 607 815

SUMMER SPECIAL: Order any approval boxes in August
& you will receive a 10% discount off all purchases from the boxes!

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Starbeck products are fair trade, reasonably priced and definitely unusual!

 (Purchases from the van will be invoiced on the day of the visit.)

"What a wonderful Aladdin's cave of delights! I could live in there! The artefacts are truly amazing & will enhance any lesson! Lovely friendly service too - come again soon!"
Kat Johnston, The Arbours Primary School, Northampton
"The resources are fantastic! It's so great to have the opportunity to buy resources that genuinely meet the needs of young children as well as older ones. Bright, colourful, multi sensory - fantastic."
Amanda Kettell, Alfreton Nursery School, Derbyshire
"It was great to see such an amazing range of resources. In fact, it was so hard to choose what to get, there was so much to choose from."
Abigail Bennett, Mary Rose School, Southsea
"Super - very much a surprise at how much can be fitted in a van! Friendly & helpful service. The staff got very excited at the artefacts! Will use again & recommend gladly."
Kath Keeper, Scargill Infants School, Rainham 
NB. We do not carry approval, value, explorer & hire boxes on the sales van - we have enough trouble fitting in our regular stock!
All these boxes are sent by overnight carrier.
Boxes can be viewed here.

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