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A century after the guns last fell silent, World War 1 still occupies a unique place in history. The 20th century incurred many devastating periods and the second global war incurred a greater loss of life than in 1914-18. But the "Great War" remains a byword for senseless loss of life, and the tragedy and futility of human conflict. This book provides a fascinating study of the whole conflict. With revealing photographs and incisive text, it examines the path to war, the key battles, the weaponry, the commanders and the forces engaged in four years of fighting. But above all, it illustrates the bitter experience of those on the front line, showing what it was like for those who suffered, survived, but all too often died in the "war to end all wars."

Book 1:  DAY BY DAY:
World War 1 was the most destructive conflict the world had ever seen. Few could have predicted how the assasination of the Austrian-Hungarian heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and the subsequent declaration of war on Serbia in July 1914 would escalate into a global conflict that would claim the lives of more than nine million people in little more than four years. With the 20th century still just a teenager, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and France - obliged by historic treaties to defend other nations - were soon drawn into the conflict. Their leaders failed to grasp the full implications of the hostilities and it was commonly expected that the war would be finished by Christmas. Troops were quickly mobilized, with the Western and Eastern Fronts soon taking shape as the conflict spread. One hundred years on, this publication looks at the event on a day-by-day basis.

World War 1 parades a grim roll-call of military disasters, but few still resonate as much today as Gallipoli. Ambitious from the outset, it promised much but delivered one of the most punishing setbacks of the whole conflict for the Allies. Within the grand scale of the overall drama, however, are the individual tales of heroism and tragedy; the lives and deaths of the men who fought on both sides on that hot, dusty, bitterley contested peninsula in Turkey. This book tells the full story, recalling with vivid detail the build up of the campaign, the desperate months of combat, and the long and painful march to defeat. Remarkable illustrations combine with the incisive text to show how the battle forged defined identities in Australia and New Zealand, playing a significant part in their emergence as independent countries, and rendering Gallipoli one of the most evocative names in their shared history.


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