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A fascinating collection of 19 facsimile genuine letters and postcards relating to
Lance-Corporal W.J. "Binkie" Burk-Jenks of the Lancashire Fusiliers,
who was a prisoner of war at Stallag VIIIB from 1940 - 1945.

      4th July 1940    Letter from the army to Mrs Binks informing her that her son is posted as "missing".
      28th July 1940    Letter from the army informing his family that they have no knowledge of his whereabouts.
      26th February 1941    Letter from Binkie to his family including instructions on how to send him parcels correctly.
      20th March 1941    Red Cross Parcel label from mother - arrives 24th July 1941.
      23rd March 1941    Postcard from Binkie including a request for socks, chocolate, soap and a tin opener.
      18th June 1942    Postcard including thanks for sending him some glasses.
      26th June 1942    German Field Service Postcard to his father. (Front & Back)
      15th October 1942    Letter from Binkie to his family including news about Canadian & New Zealand parcels for the prisoners
      14th November 1942    Outside of letter showing it has been opened by an examiner.
      11th May 1943    Memo from the Regiment to Binkie’s mother giving details about his pay.
      23rd November 1943    Letter home from Binkie including details of a football match against another camp.
      8th February 1944    Letter home including news of the camp receiving a couple of Bing Crosby records.
      11th May 1945    Letter to Mrs Jenks from a New Zealander telling her he saw Binkie a few days ago and he was fit and well.
      16th May 1945    Letter from a family friend welcoming Binkie home.
      16th May 1945    Letter to family from Binkie telling them he has arrived back in England today and is at an American Red                                                         Cross hospital in Swindon.
      17th May 1945    Part of a letter from Binkie describing his repatriation by the Americans and the British Red Cross.
      24th May 1945    Letter to Binkie’s mother confirming her son’s return and admission to hospital in Cambridge.
      24th May 1945    Letter from the army to Binkie, wishing him well on his return and includes details of how to get in touch with                                                         his welfare officer who could help him after his long period in prison.
      3rd June 1945    Letter from a family friend congratulating Binkie on his return.
                                   Letter from Binkie to his family now he is back at camp in Wiltshire.

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