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For over thirty years, Starbeck have been supplying art depts with a vast range of affordable artefacts & resources to inspire you & your students. We can safely say there is no other company in the UK quite like us! We have a huge stock of exotic dried natural forms from the jungle, woodlands, fields & the sea; masks, carvings, religious items, musical instruments, ethnic containers & utensils, wonderful textiles & clothes, tribal jewellery; books, posters, postcards etc. imported from around the world for you to use in the classroom & at prices that won't break the bank!
You are welcome to order our legendary approval boxes - choose from the list here. We deliver to your school boxes of affordable artefacts for you to look at & to choose from. The service is free – there is no charge for delivery or collection. We invoice you only for any items that you choose to keep. You are under no obligation to buy & there is no minimum order. You can take as many or as few items as you wish from each box. This is a very popular & easy way to purchase our products. For art teachers, this really is a great way to purchase artefacts especially the natural forms. Just look at some of your colleagues' comments here.

Sea Approval Box


Insects Approval Box

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 Natural Approval Box

Sales Van


Natural Value Box

Sea Value Box


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African Approval Box

Artificial Flowers


20th Century Objects



We can visit you at school in the Starbeck Sales Van. We cover the whole of mainland UK, so no matter where you are, we can visit you - sooner or later! We carry a huge amount of stock on the van - perfectly suited for art depts., so whatever your requirements, you will not be disappointed when we call. We can invoice school for any purchases and can take card, cheque, cash payments for any personal purchases.

As with the boxes, you'll be hard pressed to find a supplier with such a broad range of natural forms. On the van you will be able to see a wide range of exotic seed pods, seashells, insects, crabs, fossils etc. This is a great way to see our products! Don't just take our word for it - read your colleagues' comments here
You can order individual items via mail-order, including value & explorer boxes, Make your choice from the web site & then phone or fax us on 01530 836111. We're here to help & glad to hear from you weekdays 8.30 to 5.00.Your school can be invoiced - with or without an order number. We also accept credit cards over the phone.

1930s Magazines
AF-197   £3

Skulls & Skeletons
"What a wonderful experience. As Head of Art I am always looking out for interesting pieces to show groups & for pupils to work from. The fact that Starbeck can bring a van full of amazing artefacts for me to browse is brilliant. I will be annually updating my resources & will be in touch in the future. Thank you, what a fantastic collection."
Mrs Helen Davies, Newbridge School, South Wales

Misc Art / Natural Products
Views of our huge stock of natural forms in our Ripon warehouse. Call in and be amazed!


A tiny part of our ever-changing stock. No visit would be the same!
If you are holding an art training course - please get in touch if you would like us to attend - we guarantee to make a colourful addition to your event!

Your school can benefit from holding a Starbeck Sale. We can send you sale or return boxes of artefacts for you to sell. You will earn 30% commission - in goods - for all purchases made on the day. We arrange - free of charge - for the delivery & collection of the stock to & from school. Everything is clearly priced & the paperwork simple to follow. All you need to do is the publicity & man the stall. So the more people you invite - colleagues from neighbouring schools, pyramid or cluster group friends, college students, trainee teachers, parents etc., the greater the chance to earn!

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"Fantastic Service. One telephone call, the boxes arrived as promised, & were excellent quality. Well packaged. Ordering system easy to use. Lovely variety of artefacts."
Alison Buckley, Northants Co Council, Learning Achievement & School Improvement 

Postcard Books - Art Starbox
SB-209    £142

Day of the Dead Starbox
SB-126    £172

"Amazing resources for drawing & inspiring students."
L Nelson, Manchester Communication Academy 
"Fantastic selection of artefacts & great value for money! Exciting new contexts for our children to explore & interesting techniques to include in our Art & Design Curriculum. Thank you for all your help & advice!"
Susan Locke, Great Bradfords Junior School, Braintree
"Super - very much a surprise at how much can be fitted in a van! Friendly & helpful service. The staff got very excited at the artefacts! Will use again & recommend gladly."
Kath Keeper, Scargill Infants School, Rainham 
"Stimulating, inspiring & well resourced."
Linda Mann, Mill Dam Junior & Infant School, Pontefract
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